This is the Fishy-Palindrome Page

17/NOV 98






(This square palindrome exists carved on a rock outside of Rome. Submitted by Steve Parker)

17/SEPT 96

Rail, Marian! I defiled docile Eli cod (deli-fed) in air, am liar!

(thanks to: Mark Saltveit, editor of The Palindromist Magazine.) Note: For those who don't know yet, palindromes are words or group of words which read the same forwards or backwards, like: "Bob," or "Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas." In this page, naturally, they try to be fish-related.

22/JAN 96:

"Peanuts' Legs" is Gel's Tuna EP.

Runner up:

Yo Bob, mug a gumbo boy.

Some Noteworthy Previous F-Pal's:

22/DEC 95:

I ham, I ham, yum -- muy "mahi mahi!"

(thanks to: Steve LaFollette!)

Runner up:

Man maps yam snot and DNA. Tons may spam Nam.

02/NOV 95:

No cab, no tuna nut on bacon.

27/OCT 95:

Doc, note I dissent a fatness; I diet on cod.