Map of Wyoming Discography:

  • Trouble Is Full length CD. 2000 Innerstate Records, U.S. and Blue Rose Records, Germany.
  • Round Trip Full length CD. Self released 1998 , re-released 1999, Innerstate Records.
  • Transit Survey 1998 CD. Limited edition collection of live, demo, and compilation recordings.


  • San Francisco Song Cycle: 1998 CD, Olde West Records. "Drown", acoustic version.
  • This Note's for You Too! A Tribute to Neil Young. 1999 CD, Inbetweens Records, Holland/Innerstate Records, U.S. "Don't Be Denied".
  • Postcards from the Other Side, 1999 CD, Lazy Cat Records, Japan "For all I can See", alternate version.
  • Cool Hands and Hot Heads . 1999 CD, Luke Magazine U.K. "Hard to Find", alternate mix.
  • Millennium Music/Unsigned 2000, 1999 CD, "Broken Sky"

Flying Color:

  • Flying Color 1987 LP/Cassette, Frontier Records. Re-released 1997 on CD, Munster Records, Spain. w/3 bonus tracks.


  • Dear Friend/Look My Way 1985 7", Cryptovision Records. Re-released 1987 on Shigaku Presents, U.K.


  • What a Nice Way to Turn 17 1985 LP, U.K. "Love is On it's Way"
  • Certain Damage vol. 2 1987 CD, CMJ Presents "Dear Friend"
  • Diamonds at a Discount 1988 LP, Frontier/Tower Records. "I'm your shadow"
  • Bam Balam Explosion, vol. 3 1996 CD, Bam Balam Records, Spain. "Look My Way"
  • Bucketfull of Brains vol. 55 1999 CD B.o.B. Records "Take it For a Ride"
  • Flying Color/American Music Club 1987 Cassette, Frontier Records 4 songs each, split sides.

Love Circus:

  • Love Circus, 12" 5 song EP 1984 Broken Records
  • "Love Machine/Merry Go Round 1983 7" 45, Groove Bros. Records
  • SF Unscene 1985 Compilation LP, Big Green Laugh Records. "Elvira", band listed as "Circus Maximus"

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